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Wednesday, February 1
Weekend getaway Montana Styleeeee!
Welp Melissa and I found a good price on airfare so we decided to head out west. We had to find out it that crazy white stuff called snow still existed. We went out for a long weekend to see the devalls. I'll throw down a couple of pics. I'll even try to throw in a pic of one of those confounded bicycles. Day 1 was a hike around Lake como. I liked this pic because you can't see trapper peak in the background. But I can close my eyes and see it for sure. The hike wasn't to bad we were on the North side which gets more sun so it was only Icey on and off. We lost track of time and it got dark on us and started snowing pretty hard.

Day 2: Up before the sun to get a snow ride in on the pugs. All of the cool kids have been doing it so I had to try it. We Rode up along rye creek for a couple of hours before the snow started getting purdy slow going. The decision was made to break out the coffee and snacks. We took our time getting back on the pugs we weren't really in any hurry it was Saturday. On the way back down rye creek rode was the first time that I realized that there was only one brake. Talk about a panic attack. I was holding on to the side of the bar with no brake and using the other hand to try and take a picture when I need to scrub a little speed. Nothing like grabbing a hand full of nothing when you fully intend on slowing down.

Day 2b:

Saturday night started early due to the fact that the local brewery only has a tasting room and by law the have to close the doors at 7 p.m. I decided to arrive fashionably late. Read Travel + Hike + Pugsley ride knocked my ass down and I fell asleep. Right when I show up I get the where the hell have you been your late then the classic “If you can’t play with the big dogs you better stay on the porch with the pups! “ We close down the brewery and heard a rumor that there was a mechanical bull on first and Main Street at the silver coin saloon. That shit was calling chaybo like nobody’s business. We get into the joint and find out it is actually a mechanical surfboard!? In Montana!? We got the hell out of there about as fast. On to the next place “The Rainbow” this place is always a party just waiting for you to show up. We pull up three stools at the bar and are partying with the chicks a few stools down from us. A few minutes later we picked up another in our party and we introduced ourselves and he did in return. Turns out this dude was Mike from Neb. City! We were like no shit hey I from Lincoln. Bartender get this guy a beer. Time for another Rick quote “Jesus H here we go with the football talk!” We entertained him and talked big red football for about a half of a beer. The rest of the night was a little bit of a blur after the shots and the free pitchers of beer that keep coming our way. I think the bartender had something for chaybo because every time he came back from the dance floor he had a shot waiting for him. I’m not sure how why but I kept dancing with the chic that must have been about the hottest High school janitor I have seen? Insert visual of girl with the British knights high-tops and keys hanging off of her belt loop. It was a regular old coyote ugly in there chicks dancing on the bar to sir mix a lot and everything? Should have definitely brought the digi for this little night out on the town. Some folks were in better shape than others while we waited for a ride home. It was snowing outside the bar and the mark of the snow angel was left in the middle of the street outside the bar. Thanks for the good times! The following pics are from the cross country skiing down at Chief Joseph on the MT ID boarder The crew that went drove out last April probably remembers driving past in on the way to Hamilton. I’ll try and post a few of the second string pics later.

Yo who's got my other 44? Heeee Heee heee caught ya!

Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks for coming out Kirks....always a damn good time when you two show up.

Blogger mw said...
that's some funny ass shit. british knights...damm.

Blogger debaser said...
you = lucky.
me = jealous.

Thnks for posting that. Superb.

Blogger htop said...
i've seen chaybo dance, i understand why he had free drinks wait'n.