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Thursday, February 23
on that LED bike light i built from a kit. the battery came. they don't have the wall adapter yet. so they sent a car adapter for the charger. so i charged the battery with the civic and fired up the light. wow. super nice beam pattern and light color. pretty bright on high. you can select the light level of the low and med settings. all three LEDs are on at all settings and they are basically dimmable in little steps. sweet. not as sweet as winning the lottery but pretty sweet...
Blogger Chaybo said...
sounds awesome mw

i was shocked when you told me the run times. Not that i would really want to ride my bike for 6hours at night, but you never know i guess.

we've been doing the night snow bike rides on the regular, and with the combination of snow and wide roads you really don't even need a light.

I still bring the JET though.

Blogger mw said...
yeah. we had a couple of days recently with snow only in the track, so it was guiding the way thru the park.

my favorite is the moonlight snow rides.

Blogger debaser said...
How heavy?

Sounds perfect for that trip accross Iowa!

Blogger mw said...
that's the point (for the ride across iowa).

the lamp feels real light, the battery feels like a battery.