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Sunday, February 19
dirt road pugs ride....uuugghhh

don't ask me why, but i took one of the pugs out for a nice S-L-O-W, uneventful gravel road ride tonite.....yep, nothing like traveling on level ground in the inner ring. But anyway, just before dusk i loaded up a couple of 12oz's, my camera and headed up the hill to watch the sun fall on another day. Anyone get out in the cold this weekend ???
Blogger Farqui said...
Hia Chaybo

It looks nice and dry where you are, unlike what we endured this wkend.

How'd those Pug's perform in the gloop

Blogger Chaybo said...
farq.....dude, you've got to start treating those bikes better mon', unless you like performing overhauls after each ride. That doesn't look like much fun to me...the cleaning part of it.

we don't get anything close to that over here. Much more granite/sand based soil, and the water soaks in quickly.

I also noticed you took the file to the bushing in that rear pivot. Nice job buddy ! I've done that to a couple of 5Spots now, and it's worked wonders for finally being able to get grease in there.

Blogger Farqui said...
Hehe, cleaning was nay bother - just a quick hose down whilst it was all still wet.

The terrain we covered isn't my normal patch and was defo had more clay. I mainly ride on well drained sand with just the odd island of gloop.

Thank goodness for sealed cables, my drivetrain performed flawlessly all day. The chain just seemed to run out of lube and start grumbling as we finished.

I wanted to see if anyone reported any bad stuff about the HL mod before trying it myself. After many months, everyone seemed happy with 'em so I figured it was my turn. Rob's Flux is next. If it all goes 'orribly wrong then it's easy to revert back to std.