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Tuesday, February 21
picture share

gotta hand it to Parker for having this kick ass in-action Red Barn Jersey shot. Dude.....i owe you a 6pack of your flavor for a picture like that, remind me next time you're in.

any other contenders ?? The ante has been raised to a twelve of Falstaff, Great falls finest.

later, chaybo

Blogger debaser said...
sheeeeeeeeeit. I was wearing mine while boarding this weekend, but it was too damned cold to show it off. Actaully I wore it all three days this weekend. I think I'm in love.

Blogger John Parker said...
Thats funny, I actually got flak for wearing mine too many days in a row. I think there is something addictive in the weave.

By the way, it snowed 50 inches at Bridger and I got to spin laps on the split board all day. . . Don't hate me