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Sunday, February 5
Home sweet home.
New York is a cool town, a place everyone should see. But a week there is too long for this wannabe mountain man. I didn't see grass for 6 days, and when I finally made it to Central Park for a respite from the buildings and traffic, I see that jackball Ben Stiller shooting a movie. And roadies doing laps on the roads there. After a 9 hour day to get home Friday, it's great to be here.

Blogger mw said...
two sweet pics from debaser again. that time square one is an explosion of electric color.

Blogger debaser said...
Times square is insane. I have 'better' pictures that show more detail in the displays and colors, but i really liked this one for the overwhelming feeling (for me at least).

Better for me was the picture of the Empire States Building from the top of Rockefeller Center. Shows the Island as an island to me. The Statue of Liberty is sorta visable in the harbor off to the left.

Again, NYC is cool, home is way way better.

Blogger redstone said...
Man, that's a lot of concrete and steel!