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Friday, December 15
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Thanks asshole. Kidding.
Get ready for a dissertation. I’ll do my best to make this interesting. Maybe some of you know some of this. I was intrigued by CVO’s post and didn’t fully understand the reason for his post. Kinda highschooly but I’ll play.

1 – Yes, I honestly like 311. Not because I have to. I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve ever done, I’m very proud of my brother and I’ve loved every of the hundreds of shows I’ve seen. Sounds hard to believe eh? Nope. I can recall listening to their 2nd self released album. It was tape only, entitled Hydroponic. Fucking blew me away. Devoted lots of couch time to that album. Sitting, listening to my hi-fi in the 33rd street house where the speakers were 15ft apart and I was running a ghetto fake walkman into my custom built tube preamp and brand new kit speaks. Wow. Also, I’m super stoked that my parents were so supportive and they get massive props for starting and running the fan club for years. And yeah, of course, there are times I’m jealous as hell.

2 – My father is a gay man. Several things to note here:
a – I’m very proud of my dad and he’s one of my favorite people. That being said I haven’t spent a ton of time with my father. But, he’s done some incredible things with his life and has lived life to the fullest. Lots of traveling and he’s fit as a fiddle. My parents divorced when I was very young. I obviously didn’t know the circumstances. I was too young to understand what happened. It never troubled me because, to me, that’s just the way it was. I had nothing to compare it to. Dad moved to Alaska and we didn’t go with him. I’ve never really discussed the divorce or dad being gay with my mom.
b - He’s taught me a lot about that lifestyle and way of life. I’m very respectful of every aspect of anyone’s way of life. Unless that way of life is harming someone else. And Homophobes and haters need to check themselves because life is about love. There’s a lot of awful straight people too, so don’t blame someone’s sex partner’s sex. Mind your own business.
c – if you see me sporting a really limp wrist, that shits genetic, I can’t help it.
d – I’m not gay. Don’t say of course not, you’re married. Yeah, right. There’s plenty of people married and in denial. I’m living proof.
e – It took my dad telling me he was gay for me to really understand. And that took years. He tried several times to tell me but never actually said the words. When he did, it was like I knew already but not completely. Looking back there were tons of obvious clues. It just wasn’t an issue for me. My dad was my dad. I’m naïve.

3 – I’m with CVO on the monogamy thing. I’m uncomfortable in strip clubs. Yeah, I’m a straight man, so I’m interested for about 10 minutes, then I’m ready to leave. Same with porn. Yeah, I’ll look but it’s not my driving force. But I’ll take this subject to the next level. You want monogamy? I’m living that one. My wife is the only person I’ve had sex with and that wasn’t until we were engaged and we pretty much got her parent’s permission. Take that. She’s my high school sweetheart and I love her more than anything and I want her forever.

4 – I consider myself a caring, loving person and I believe in compassion for my fellow human, but I don’t understand lazy, fat, stupid people. I’m afraid of clowns, sort of. I’m more afraid of transsexuals, transvestites and drag queens. Freaks. I don’t get it. Probably has something to do with the monogamy thing and the strip club thing and the get off your ass and enjoy your life thing and the do something for the greater good thing.

5 – Hmm. Five. Ok. My granddad on my mom’s side was an alcoholic so I’ve tried to stay away from making that a nasty habit.

6 – Hmm. Six. Hmm. I don’t know. Who said six? Sue me. Isn’t that enough? Ok, I’m vegetarian. I think I will be for the remainder. Why? Because meat is murder!!! Those animals have little brains and feelings and we simply don’t need to be eating them. At all!!! Except for the one’s that are dying so I can have sushi a few times every year. I know. Fucking hypocrite. But we’re talking small quantities of death for sushi ingredients. Like I said, sue me.

So, do I have to “tag” someone else? Do I have to do this part to play along?
How about Thad? and Woodman!
Blogger Chaybo said...
please don't ask me to go into my FAMILY's can of worms, because it'll make you blush !

Wills....we love ya bro. Always have always will.


Blogger debaser said...
Laramie. This year is going to be very hard, methinks. Hydroponic is permantly in the boombox in the garage.

Blogger Cornbread said...
Wills, that list rox. I wish there were more people out there like you.

Blogger Chaybo said...
it rocks, with exception to #6

Blogger 3p0 said...
dibs on W's share of Jerkey

Blogger sda said...
... and those are just a few of the reason that mdub simply is the man.

Blogger mg said...
true... there are so many more.

you are an undeniable force of nature mw. i love you like a brother -- you're one of the few people on this earth that i trust completely without reservation.

Blogger MOD said...
why is m-dub the shit?

that's why!

thanks for the invite to ride this weekend. bummed i was under the weather. next time, i swear.

Blogger thad said...
wow- aside from the things i have forced...i mean asked wills to to type up for me- this was by far the longest written word ala mw i've ever seen. i learned a thing or two as well. not sure what the rules are here but i'll play along if i'm 'tagged.' what does that mean?

Blogger mw said... play along you need to post 6 things everyone may not know about you. pick the venue. MWC blog? maybe not. this blog? i'm sure diddy wouldn't mind. FFl if you wanna.