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Saturday, December 30
captain...your assitance is required !
paging captain kirk.....captain do you read me.

If you do.....please take my order:

1 - Runza

1 - large hamburger pizza from Val's

1 - autographed 'Flite' license plate (with dorky orange and yellow NE graphics)

1 - 16oz bag of Gutamalan java from da mill (whole bean please)

1 - Nebraka lottery ticket

1 - Cottonbowl championship !!

that's not asking too much is it ?

thanks buddy, i knew you'd understand.
Blogger debaser said...
I'd skip the Vals and get a YiaYia's slice or two. And a sixer or twelver from Spilker. And a spin or three through Wilderness and Platte. Maybe even an old fashioned gravel flogfest.

Blogger Chaybo said...
yep, that sounds yummy too.

you know when i was back there this past spring i had the b-stone wit me, made at least 4 trips through the park. and 1 trip to platte. and finally about 3 different gravel road rides. The best was a one way tour from crete to adams, solo. And another good trip with tara, tracy and johnson to cortland for a 6 pack of above mentioned beer.

watch the game ?? Or too busy shoveling snow ?

Blogger debaser said...
Game was on, but wasn't paying too much attention, footballed out from watching a bunch yesterday. I can't remember the last time I was through the park. Last winter I got out for a good gravel ride with some friends and strangers and it was good.

My shoveling is done, now I'm playing. 2 days of xc skiing (down here where I've never imagined skiing) and fighting a cold and I'm wiped out today. Sore legs, sore lungs.