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Friday, December 15
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i love bikes !! Bikes are cool....14 gears in one hub is purdy cool too. Rohloff speedhub w/ oem axle plate is also cool.
Blogger mw said...
how many different styles of mounts are there for that hub?

Blogger debaser said...
I want. I'm not entirely sure why, but I want.

Blogger Chaybo said...
3 different styles for QR rear wheels.... OEM/1/2 , this Strong frame is using an inverted Surly horizontal dropout and using the drop as a torque arm (and there's good reason for the additional gusset as seen in the pic), so there's no additional hardware needed like an extra torque arm and fasteners. It keeps the appearence super clean and all of the cable routing was meant for a speedhub application.

pretty trick

Blogger mw said...
thats rad. so that bike can be set up for regular der and speed hub? what's the routing for the speedhub like?