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Monday, July 24
Ring around the Swan, or Flumes a GoGo.
I headed back up to Breckenridge again this weekend. Zana and Erin hiked Quandary (14k+) and I rode some, and then rode some more. We were camped on the Colorado Trail, so I headed up from there to Georgia Pass, and then higher still to Glacier Ridge (12k+) and took in some views. After I'd had enough of attracting a bit of sunburn, I headed back down into the woods and picked up an old flume/ditch trail I'd heard about and seen on some maps. It was all a go Saturday, I was able to hit about 8 miles of it in almost one shot. Spectacular backcountry trail. Saw one person, a local, who gave me some scoop on its history which I'll not bore anyone with, but which I thought was pretty cool. In sections it gets pretty exposed. Pic #3 shows the trail cutting accross a scree field - it's about 500 feet down if you don't get that line right. And pic #4 is the rements of some of the flume construction - impressive 100 year old construction.

Blogger mw said...
i love that georgia pass area.