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Sunday, July 9
Rain, rain...
mw was in town this weekend, on his way back from Cali. I promised some good times, but it's been rainging for 48 hours straight here. First time I've seen weather like this in I can't remember how long.

Yesterday we headed up to Lyons, but Restone was too busy for Dave to slip away early. We headed to Hall in the middle of the afternoon - 3 of 4 riders we saw were on 29'ers!

Today, we gathered up Pablo & Mic and headed for our local ride - we even bumped the start time to 7 so Dave could come down, and he's the guy who bailed!! We toured around the suburban trails for about 3 hours in the warm rain. Good stuff.

Thanks for stopping in, mw. Next time we nix the raindance!

Blogger mg said...

... can you tell i miss mw?

Blogger mw said...
good time despite the rain. i finnally rode the local rides there. nice.

Blogger debaser said...
I can't imagine how you've never ended up at Hall. I guess it's not that bad, especially considering out bike path slog yesterday.

And we're back to sunny days, starting today.

Blogger mw said...
rain followed me here. actually the rain broke around sterling then it was overcast the rest of the way. tried to diagnose a check engine light all the way back. car was doing some weird things. i guess thats what 3000 miles in 7 days will do.

Blogger debaser said...
I always get my check engine light in the Jeep when it downshifts hard in the mountains. After I had it diagnosed once, it's not been a big deal.

I hope your subie holds up. If not, can i buy yer sway bars?

Blogger debaser said...
Now I'm up to 3 days wth significant rainfall. Today was about 45 minutes worth, with some thunder about 1 second away from the lightning.


I'll be complaining about the 100 degree temps by the end of the week, sayeth the weatherman.