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Saturday, July 29
huge news for Lyons and the stone!
A lot of you guys out in Lampin' land have ridden Hall Ranch here in Lyons. It's a great ride, but doesn't have many options out on the trail for more riding. I just learned that things will change much sooner than I ever thought possible! I am super duper stoked and had to shout it out.

Just to the south of Hall is Heil Ranch open space. Although it nearly abutts the town of Lyons, you have to drive 25 minutes to the trailhead because of land ownership issues. A connection from Heil to Lyons has been discussed several times, but the movement has always lost momentum when the owner of the property refuses to sell, despite positive negotiations with public agencies. We've made a lot of noise as mountain bikers and as people of Lyons in the last year. Well, a monumental thing happened Friday at 5pm.

Lyons has inked a deal to buy the private property in question. Even better, the town agrees to ownership and maintainence of a trailhead and facilites for Northern access to Heil Ranch! This is moving at Light Speed for Boulder County, something I never thought I'd see. An official release will come tomorrow around noon.

This new trail connector will make possible huge epic all day off road rides on singletrack and jeep roads. Trail access will be about .5 miles from the shop and 1 mile from home. yeehaw!
Blogger debaser said...
About freaking time. Great news indeed.