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Saturday, July 15
I caved in to my own pressures last week and turned a display-for sale bike into a demo bike. I hope the bike shop gods will forgive me. I've already forgiven myself by riding it every day this week. It sure is fun.

It spent a few days lunch riding with me on the rolling hilled ghetto singletracks around Broomfield. It's the perfect bike for that. Got 45 minutes to charge out a workout? No problem. I did the Redstone Tuesday night ride with the rest of the crew and rode the On-One. A local buddy of mine was on his SS, too. It hurt, but I cleaned it. Then I got smoked on the downhill. Fun shit, seriously. I see this bike a lot in my future for winter night rides at Boulder Valley Ranch.
Blogger debaser said...
I'm riding Laramie on mine, I decided. With gears. And after Laramie, I'll take em off and see how that does me.

Blogger mw said...
one speed
big wheels

yeah buddy.

Blogger sda said...
i'm thinking of resurecting the fat chance for laramie ...

one speed
little wheels for a little man

Blogger debaser said...
big wheels for my big belly.

Blogger mw said...
get a pic of the fat if it comes to life again.

Blogger redstone said...
debaser - dude that bike oughta smoke at Laramie - big wheels and rigid and all.