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Sunday, August 10
Weekend getaway, Two hours up the road in the land of wide open spaces. Things look a lot different when I'm not up there riding the Enduro, and when there's hours of fresh cut IMBA designed singletrack to ride. Things look really good. Can't wait to get back.

It's not all brown.



Fun trails. Goes right through there.

A little something from close to home. And my home away from home.
Blogger sda said...
dude. keep that to yourself. we don't need a mass of front rangers f'in stuff up up there.

Blogger thirtyfourtwenty said...
its way up in far off distant wyoming.

Blogger debaser said...
How about mid-October for a family friendly trip? Riding, camping, beer, repeat. Introduce Sue to the kids, etc.

Blogger sda said...
"super far away deep in shitty wyoming. you don't wanna go there ... not worth the drive."

family trip in october would be fun. Sue likes little kids ... in his belly!!! aha ahahahha.