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Monday, August 18
Nearly 2 years and...
I'm on my wayu back to Nebraska for Labor Day Weekend. Staying at Mahoney with the family, so yes, I'm planning on a little Platte River action, and maybe whatever else. Anyone?
Blogger sda said...
they don't allow bikes there anymore. something about corrupting the boyscouts, or something.

Blogger debaser said...
Do you want to go for a ride Dave? Oh, wait, nevermind.

Blogger sda said...
screw you hossenfeffer!! it ain't that bad. i can ride. just not a mountainbike. and it only hurts when i get off.

told my doctor that, and he looked at me super funny until he realized i was talking about dismounting my bicycle.

i'll be all mended in a couple more weeks.

Blogger thirtyfourtwenty said...
you'll be mended in time to go to cb again this fall, say, last weekend in september, or somethingcrazylikethat. woot!!

Blogger bigmech said...

Count me in for some saddle time while you are in town. We can talk details over the phone. It will be good to see you and the family.