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Saturday, December 29
Old Switz
The wife and kid are out visiting the inlaws, so I've been alone the last few days. Besides work, of course. What have I been up to otherwise? A big heap of nothing mostly. No kid herding, no wife list to tackle. I've been mostly lazy, and it feels great to come home with nothing to do but flip on the tv or surf the web.

Today I made the best of a lazy Saturday morning, sleeping in, and then planning an assault on the Old Switzerland Trail. A bunch of yous have been on the section outlined here, but that is just a small sample of what the route formerly was. Today I hit a little used part on the xcountry skis, the westernly most section tucked up under the continental divide, west of the Peak to Peak Highway. Lots of work, kicking through the soft powder of the last couple of storms. All told, I was out for a bit over 3 hours in 15 degree weather without seeing another soul and it was mighty fine. Finished the day with a juicy t-bone dinner. Good times indeed!

Family vacation is over tomorrow at 6, so I've got most of tomorrow for man time as well. I hope it goes as well as today!