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Wednesday, December 26
NE Holiday
Mary, the kids and I just got back from the quintessential winter Nebraska trip. We left CO Friday evening with a fair amount of crappy driving weather and blizzard conditions nipping at our heels. Rolled into Omaha in the wee hours to spend the next couple of days chilling (literally - it was around 20 degrees) at the Chase household. Hanging with the family is pretty good, but I still managed to get a 4 mile dirt road run in to avoid feeling cooped up.

Sunday the 23rd and Christmas Eveday were my personal highlights. Matt and Laura hosted the hoedown on Sunday night.
To say it was great to see Bdiddy and Johnson would be an understatement. I really wish I could've seen Mick, but he failed to appear, as Mike was driving. Tara was in rare form, though :)
Typical basement scene. I think someone said something funny before this was snapped. They were probably talking about the 3 week backcountry trip that Wolfman wants to take. Something about a 3 week long, unsupported trek into the backcountry with nothing but some food and about 5 cases of beer. At the end, it was decided that it would be 3 weeks worth of one night camping trips so we can come back in the day to refuel.

Mary's folks didn't have a working furnace, so we crashed at the casa de Gersib. After a relaxing morning hanging with the kids, we finally made it out pedalling.

Easily, the most technical riding of the day was spent negotiating the crusty bumpy iced over streets of Lincoln. It was like riding icy jeep roads. The snow and ice were easily troughed out over 5" deep in spots. We made it over to Wilderness for an all too brief tour de packed snow. The hikers and skiers had a very nice 18" wide singletrack packed in. The further south we got, the softer and harder to ride in the snow got.

We parted ways with Matt and Laura and made our way to the Aron family Christmas, but that's another blog post worth of material in itself :)

Hope every one had a great Christmas and that Santa delivered everything you guys were wishing for. Heck, I even got a gift card to IHOP. If only I'd have gotten some tank tops, too, but I guess a guy can't get everything!

Blogger Chaybo said...
good update Chase and thanks for sharing to a fella that wasn't there. i'm lovin' that third picture's says it all.

Blogger redstone said...
nail on the head there, Chaybo. Definitely missed you guys. Hope your Christmas was good!

Blogger debaser said...
Damn, I miss the good ol' days in Lincoln. Thanks for bringing back some memories and making me wish we'd spent our vacation there.

Blogger redstone said...
For all you wanted to spend your vaca there, there were equal parts that made me happy to come back to CO. Namely, the suburban sprawl of S Lincoln and W Omaha. And the super cold temps. And the crusty 2 week old ice and snow that froze all the side streets everywhere we went. But the people - man, that's what I miss most. I still think that Lampin represents the best of NE, even though we're all spread out now.

Blogger MG said...
Thanks for the great story and pics, and most of all for the awesome company this past weekend Dave! Man, it was like super extra bonus time getting to have you, Mary and the girls staying with us Sunday night!.

Chad and Ganz, it was definitely a party in the old school tradition -- we missed you guys. I was telling Bdiddy that I really want to try to make it out to Montana in '08 to check out the scene out there. I'm finally going to have a bike that is really well suited to the conditions you ride out there (by mid-year at least), so that'll be good too.

I miss the good 'ol days in Lincoln too... it's not the same today as it was in 1997, for example, but it's still cool. But the scene Dave has going on in Lyons is certainly a beautiful thing, and I know Chad, you've got yourself a core group of rippers out in Hamilton that is second to none. There's cool stuff going on all over the place, but it's always the best getting the home crew back together.

Thanks again to everyone who came over Sunday night. Laura a I are so fortunate to have such great friends.

Have a Happy New Year. I hope 2008 is the best, most fun year yet for all of you.