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Monday, October 20
Another Fall Mancation

Getting around is a lot easier when there's a custom Tomac bike hauler at our beck and call. Many thanks for that.

Cutting the ribbon on Saturday's long ride. Climbing Petakis in GJ. We went up to the very tip top, and I left my camera in my bag pretty much the whole day.

18 Road goodness. Camped there, so rode it a lot. Always fun.

Blogger mw said...
great time!
thanks for posting pics bg.

Blogger sda said...
excellent time hanging with you guys and the riding was pretty good i guess. stupid 18 road. stupid ribbon. bah.

long live fruita. fruita is dead.

Blogger redstone said...
What Tomac bikes were along? What's y'alls impressions?

Blogger sda said...
they have too many gears.

Blogger debaser said...
Don't listen to sda, he's a socialist.

Tomacs looked good, I never did ride one around. Clark rode the snyper all weekend and it certainly didn't slow him down.

Blogger redstone said...
Cool. Was a bit curious about the Snyper.

Blogger sda said...
i'm in yer electionz redistributing yer moniezzzz!!1111!!1eleventy!!

Anonymous Bdioddy said...
Dammit I wish I had more vacation so I could join in on the good times. Give me a heads up for the next trip out to fruita and I'll make it happen.