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Saturday, May 26
new roadie

been riding the lugged steel Croll road bike since 94', crashed it hard at quad cities...hard enough to bend the stays so that it needed to be sent in for repair. Repainted it that time too. Logged several thousand miles in on it. She's seen several upgrades over the years...from 8spd campy record to 9 spd Duraace, a brief stint as a 9spd too set up with moustache bars but she's always drifted back to drop bars and with lotso gears. was a sad day when i had to part it out and hang the frame on the wall here recently.


my new bike arrived.

may i happily introduce

Blogger sda said...
that is simply beautiful. nice touch on the chrome tidbits. and that fork. daaaaaaaiiieeemm.


Blogger bigmech said...
That looks sweet. It was worth the wait to finally see it.

Blogger redstone said...
That is really a beautiful bike. Looks like a perfect bike for out there.

Blogger Chaybo said...'s been kinda the busy weekend and i really havent taken for a good inagural ride yet.

on the other hand...the Tour of the Bitterroot was kick ass.

Blogger debaser said...
Looks super nice Chad. Looks like with a few racks and some fenders you could ride it from here to there to everywhere.

Blogger mw said...
let's hear it for new blue bikes!

that thing is sweeeet.

is that a triple?

Blogger MG said...
wow. stunning. that thing looks incredible chad. good work.

i just built up a new ride myself, but it's not quite as pimpy pimp as that thing is.

i think i'd be afraid to get that beauty dirty, but you know that's what it wants... ;-}


Blogger bdiddy said...
You don't really own that bike. I must see it to believe it.

Lets go for a really long ride sometime soon!