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Sunday, May 6
new bike

new bike for me! everyone needs one of these things.
Blogger mw said...
oh and thanks for the kind wishes for the TI. it was awesome.

Blogger debaser said...
One day you'll decide that cycling is too easy and you'll crawl everywhere, because it's harder. And you'll still manage to be cool.

Can't wait to see that rig, one of these days.

Blogger J.R.A. said...
Nice! Looks awesome, as always.

"Is that Petaluma?"

I saw that question, and thought it was great!


Blogger MG said...
i busted out laughing when i saw that petaluma question too...

that's an awfully sweet ride mw. it goes well in your family of fine soulcrafts.


Blogger 3p0 said...
i need to send you the pics with the buffalow..

Blogger Chaybo said...
looks like a grin producing rig that you've got there Wills....congrats on the addition to the Soulcraft fam-dam-ily.