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Sunday, May 3
Congrats Matty G and Matt W on finishing Trans Iowa V! 314 miles is a long f*ckin way. woohoo!
Blogger mw said...
thanks! amazing event. mg and i stayed together most of the event, which was nice. he got (understandibliy) tired of the lazy SSers walking the steep (ha!) climbs.

windy-er during the (first) day then we thought. the second leg (from the 1st checkpoint to the 2nd) was 110miles into the wind with lots of soft b-road sections and roller type hills.

i'm counting 326 after a few brief off course excursions. my feet hurt.

Blogger MG said...
Thanks Dave. It wasn't really that MW and Ben got lazy towards the end, it's just that Guitar Ted and DP made the course extra steep in the last part -- they were relentless! As you might be able to guess, in the fine image of our good friend Pablo, I pulled out a fair CSB as I pedaled alone in realization that I'd taken a wrong turn and was now lost and off course, riding the wrong direction. Fortunately in that instance, I ended up riding parallel to the course and rejoined it a few miles down the road... and such is life on a gravel grinder. You always have a few off-course, ahem, corrections. As long as they add miles and don't detract miles, I think you're OK. I ended up with 322 total miles, so like MW, we ended up with more than the claimed 314, and our computers were calibrated dead-on to eachother (though ironically everyone's computers varied from G-Ted's mileage count after the first set of maps, which were accurate)... but I digress.

Anyway, thanks again, my friend. It was really as much a credit to MW, Jeff Bonsall and the amazing Ben Shockey, who rode the event on a fixxie(!!), and their great ability to set a solid but manageable pace, that allowed me to finish that thing... It was not easy, but it was definitely fun. You learn a lot about yourself pushing through to complete something really long like that... It's even beyond a 24 hour race. I was really amazed. I am really amazed. It's cool.

Have a great weekend!!