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Tuesday, March 31
new commuter

i treated myself to a new commuter bike. i took a pic prior to mounting fenders and a rear rack. had to create a front bracket to deal with the suspension corrected fork. had to create a bracket to mount the front end of the rear fender to something. used the hole for the plastic der wire routing dealy. also had to extend and widen a jand rear rack to deal with the disk brake. not perfect looking. we'll see how it holds up. used the cranks, bb, pedals and rack from my 8000 which turned 17yrsold.

so nice to commute on a nice freshly built new bike.
Blogger debaser said...
Nice! Wish my commute was short enough for something like that. I did ride my onOne a few times to work with cross tries, was pretty fun, but most days the roadie is better.

That rear setup looks complicated.

Blogger redstone said...
good lookin' KM there Matt.

Blogger sda said...

just overhauled my commuter ... it is nice to be rolling w/o sqeeky chains and random rattles.


Blogger scott showen said...
blood red, sweet.

i love my KM. rode it to work today...

Blogger bdiddy said...
I remember when I built my jake brand new out of the box for my commuter bike. It soon became and still is one of the bicycles I spend a bunch of time on.

MW the monkey looks good!