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Wednesday, November 19
The family and I are spending turkey day in L.A. This year.I was online looking for a shop to visit while we are out there and I came accross . I will probably go check it out. I need a couple parts for a couple stingrays that I am trying to get up and running. Looks like they might have the parts here. If you don't want to go to their web site they have this quote from a pissed off precher that must have crashed his bike on the way to church. I think its purdy good.

"These bladder wheeled bicycles are diabolical devices of the Demon of Darkness. They are contrivances to trap the feet of the unwary and skin the nose of the innocent. They are full of guile and deciept! When you think you have broken one to ride and subdued its wild and Satanic nature, behold it bucketh you off in the road and teareth a great hole in your pants. Look not upon the bike when it bloweth upon its wheels, for at last it bucketh like a bronco and hurteth like thunder. Who has skinned legs? Who has a bloody nose? Who has the ripped breeches? They that daly along with the bicycle!  from a sermon, Maryland, 1896.As quoted from: A social History of the Bicycle, Robert A. Smith

Hey if anybody knows of a cool shop in the valley to check out let me know. I will have a loaner bike and a little time to check out a shop or two.
Blogger debaser said...
Do you really expect me to read all those words with no picture to explain it all?

Have a good time in Cali.

(I don't think so.)