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Tuesday, January 29
Back From China
I was in China for 2 weeks on a business trip. We visited a lot of manufacturing facilities and traveled to a few different cities (Shanghai, Souzhou, Qingdao, and Anshan). Things are definitely different over there.
View from hotel in Anshan. The high for the day was about -14.

This is a view from the Bunn in Shanghai. I heard someone say that every 23 days another building is finished that has more than 20 stories, and it has been that way for 10 years. Looking around Shanghai, I believe it. There is nothing but tall buildings in every direction. It was too foggy to see the top of the Jin Mao building (slightly shorter than the Sear's Tower) and the World Financial Center (under construction but will be the 3rd tallest building later this year).

These lovely ladies were playing in the lobby of our Shanghai hotel.

B.K., I found a new truck for you. This thing looked like it was being pulled by a garden tiller. There were a few of them driving around.

Qingdao is the home ofTsing Tao beer. We had fresh beer less than 2 hours old during dinner 2 blocks away from the brewery. Beer definitely closes the communication gap.

Blogger Chaybo said...
very cool trip.....that top foto just looks so friggin ridiculous. Industrial. Crazy-ness.

Blogger sda said...
nice. except for the air quality. i can't imagine getting a heart rate up in that "atmosphere".

Blogger debaser said...
Damn, that's amazing. How was the Chinese food?