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Monday, October 16
so, i decided to abort the "beer ride" in lincoln on saturday night. as i was heading home, i took a barrage of small arms fire from an air gun. just near 28th and d, right by the little service road on the northeast side of 27th and capital parkway. i knew i was hit, but it didnt hurt, i think the backpack saved me some pain(plus it was in the left butt cheek). i tried to catch up to the car, but it had a green light and sped away. be on the lookout for a small blue 4 door neon/honda type car, full of 3 little punks. i wish the werewolf would have been there with me to plan a counterattack. be careful out there.
Blogger redstone said...
Damn dude, glad you survived that attack.

Blogger debaser said...
I hate shitty people.

Did you see any inflatable snowman on your route?

Blogger Cornbread said...
Nothing's more dangerous than a car full of bored teenagers with an air rifle. Glad you're fine.

Blogger mw said...
i've gotten waterbaloons but not rifle fire. fuck that. i'd be looking for some retaliation too.

Blogger mg said...
too bad you still can't carry a concealed weapon in lincoln... i doubt those kids would be randomly opening fire on people with airguns if they feared that person might be packing a 9mm.

glad you're okay htop. that sucks.