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Saturday, February 25
did one of my last gravel rides today, before the road season starts. took havelock ave all the way to elmwood. if any of you have been this way, you will know that alot of the roads are dirt and you have to cross a creek. the creek should be easier now as we placed a nice plank across it. at 175th and havelock i met the dog baxter. i found out that baxter had been running with kevin and troy for around 3 miles, just appeared out of nowhere and was dropping them on the hills. well, baxter must have been enjoying his freedom, you see his home address was 57th and havelock!!. figure it out, baxter was a long ways from home. troy calls the owner, she calls back, "oh that baxter, he's such a naughty boy". the people at the house said we could use the rope in the truck. kevin ties baxter to the outdoor water pump(he seemed content) and we went on our way. i hope we didnt cause any problems at the house, the woman came out in her nightgown and her hair was wet(it was after 11am). no cars on our tip either, one creek crossing, one fast dog, one hot chick in a robe, one red fox and alot of dirt roads. until next week, when i get it handed to me on skinny slick tires. top
Blogger debaser said...
Baxter says, "I've been everywhere man,I've been everywhere man, I breathe the mountain air man, I've been everywhere!"

Or something like that. Sounds like a happy d-o-g