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Sunday, January 15
did i spin through "the park" on friday afternoon and then headed out to watch the sun set on blue stem lake, enjoyed my poptarts and the calmness of the night while sitting on the middle of the dam. thats right ladies, i am romantic. i decided not to ride "the park" over the weekend, i figured there would be alot of people in there and the thought of a head on collision and the subsequent loss of my job as GQ cover model was to much to handle. i decided the head out on some gravel and got myself completely throttled by the time i made it home. recovered by watching this "pod" about fainting goats on the current channel(man, i love this channel). check em out - do your homework before purchasing one of these for your farm. spent sunday morning on the road bike, an easy spin was what the legs and the mind needed. after the morning cup of motivation i headed out south, then over towards hallam. its amazing that this little town was all but leveled by a tornado 1.5 years ago. if you get a chance, go take a look, the roads around there are all new blacktop and very nice. the only bad thing is that they took all of the trees out while resurfacing the roads, should make for some nice cross-wind battles on the wed. night world championships. i hope everyone enjoyed the weather, looks like some real winter while finally be returning.
Blogger mw said...
had a great weekend. two long morning gravel SS rides. big south wind. got back from my sunday ride entered the house and immediately felt like sheeeet. so i stayed home for MLK day. bummer. i hate laying around. hope i'm over it. sounds like it was going around tho.

interestingly enough tho we were in hallam on sunday too.

Blogger sda said...
3 day weekend ='s 3 days of skiing for me .... skate ski session at Happy Jack on sat a.m., sun/mon backcountry adventures the other two days at the local pass named for ferris buellers best friend. no tele turns this week, just cruising through the woods with the gf one day and my dog the next. good stuff.