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Thursday, December 15
hands and feet
so, i am already up to stage 6 on last years tapes of the tdf. i am getting a bad bad case of cabin fever and it looks like we might be having a true winter here. can anyone give me some advice and keeping your feet and hands warm?. do the little packets work that you can put in your shoes?. i can usually handle the lower 30's, but i want to be ready for the 20's. thanks-top
Blogger Chaybo said...
htop..... sounds like a typical case of Raynauds disease, the best thing for you is to chop both hands and both feet off.

nahh, really.

What i do when it gets really cold is to lose the typical wimpy cycling gear for something a bit more substantial....full on MITTS are the only way to go when it gets really cold. I've got a decent pair of snowboarding gloves that work for me. And just in case it warms up, make sure you bring a second pair that you could switch into.

The feet .... hhuuummm, it would be interesting to hear what your current set-up is.

For me though, you gotta lose those thin ass cycling socks, and throw on a pair of Smart Wool Hiking socks (mid calf), just one pair will do. And then tie up whatever cycling shoe you typically wear, a good WINTER cycling boot can't be beat (the Lakes are nice). BUT, if you're using your normal cycling shoe, make sure the ventilation on the soles are taped up with duct, and throw on a really good pair of booties....i still have a pair of those Pearl Izumi Typhoon booties that used thicker than norm neoprene, and rubber at the bottoms so the cold didn't transfer to the feet while you are standing.

Another trick is to constantly try to wiggle the little ones..movement is good.

ramble...ramble...too much coffee.

Blogger -kw said...
Those little toe warmers are such a secret weapon, uh, until now.
Seriously amazing, though. hours of toe warmth. It's a similar chemical reaction to metal rusting, and that's where the energy comes from. Somehow just knowing that makes me warmer.
Ask for a few handfulls for Christmas.
Santa loves to deliver rust.

Blogger htop said...
thanks for the tips. right now i just regular cycling shoes, might have to invest in some winter shoes. i am gonna try to "warming packets", i am sure you dont want to go directly on the skin though. i will let you know how things go after the weekend.

Blogger sda said...
i've seen people duct tape those heat packets to the insides of their wrist (at the artery). i guess it works quite well but haven't tried it myself. or you could do the same with sweatbands or some other sort of rig. duct tape is so much cooler though.

Blogger CD said...
The real trick is to do what Alaska fishermen have done for a long time....

Soak your hands and feet in ice water for short periods of time, like 10-20 minutes, in intervals. Not exactly comfortable, but what happens is your blood vessels and capillaries constrict initially from the cold but later open up because your body tries to do what it can to warm up the extremities and sends blood to them. Soaking in ice water is a way to train your hands and feet to keep themselves warm. In a way, a conditioned response.

I read this in either National Geographic Adventure or Outside magazine years ago and, I shit you not, this works. I've done it the past few winters. All I've ever needed in low temps (under 20F)is a pair of uninsulated gore-tex socks over regular cycling socks and NO BOOTIES with Pearl Iz. Amfib gloves for the hands. The key is to make sure your core and head are well insulated.

Have you ever noticed how the first few rides in the cold are killer on the hands and feet, but after a month or so of riding in the cold, you don't notice it as much? It's not just because you are used to it, but because your body has adapted, over time, to the exposure. Cold soaking just speeds up this process.

The heating packets are OK, but end up being a pain to deal with.

Or just get some xc skis and hope for snow.


Blogger mw said...
i got these diadora cycling shoes that look more like hiking boots. they rock. most of the time i have warm feet. gersib got them first. i was skeptical. nashbar. 45bucks if i remember. i swear by polypropylene sock liners and smartwool socks. expedition fucking weight.

i agree on the mitts. i also swear by glove liners. i'll also stack on some mitten covers. so that's three variable layers.

Blogger John Jr. said...
...or race 'cross ;) Great insight, Christian! Missed you this season Super Dave, I hope you are doing well, brother!

Blogger Chaybo said...
that's a damn good story Christian, i wonder how many folks are actually going to bite into that ?

I can see ol' Schmitty right now dipping his lower extremities in the ice cold water before heading out for a ride.

Shrink'em to the size of peas...that will keep'em from freezing !

yeah !

Blogger John Jr. said...
What if they are already peas...? Oops.

Blogger John Parker said...
I have had luck using vapor barriers - plastic grocery bags over the socks and rubber gloves under the gloves. Makes you sweat like crazy but keeps you warm. That and duct tape on the shoes.

And whisky.

Blogger mw said...
mmm. whiskey...

Blogger bdiddy said...
Just go buy some nice boots. Everything else you have is nice shit. Stop fucking around and get some nice shit kickers! Plus you just won that cross bike you should be able to splurge on some boots. Don't make me send MIC over with a klondike sandwich!