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Monday, October 17
saturday alright by me
sorry about the heading, but i spent most of the day listening to classic rock at the swap meet. bdiddy,wolfman and i bought three parking lots and we were getting mobbed before we even set up. if you got there early, and you've been good to me, you got some swag. by the looks of the other spots, stalls 23,24, and 25 were doing alot more buisness than the others. had some guy (i'll call him proboy) stop by the booth after his "ride to dorchester". i didnt know that the bike path led to dorchester, next time you want to make comments on my stuff and dicker on my prices go by a cup(not a drink'n one), because i'm putting steel toes in the puma's. already talking about next year, more swag, drinks, maybe the pro can sign autographs and possible someone handing out some candy.

saturday night was the annual beer ride championships. i knew i wasnt in shape as i havent been training as much for this one. i lost contact with the lead group most of the night. thanks to bdiddy when i called back to my team car, he was there quick with a new "water bottle". proboy attended (he probably got an appearance fee) and was in the lead group most of the night. i didnt see proboy most of the night, but the last time i saw him he was calling back to his team car for a rear wheel change. a big thanks to bdiddy for taking on the "mopac bully" and standing up for all of us. the bully wouldnt let wolfman and i pass him and he kept taking us into the ditch. thanks to gas and tj for rid'n me and my tires full of thorns home. i truly enjoyed the conversation on the goverments purposeful planting of mountain lions in nebraska.

we should all get together more often.

Blogger Greasy Knuckles said...
now come on HTop,

i'm just a little guy, and you mean to tell me you and the wolfman couldn't gang up on me and shove my punk ass into a tree or whatnot, instead had let Kirk do the dirty work. i like scrappin with Kirk, eventhough he always kicks my ass handidly.

oh well, sure was fun that night.

did the team car ever pick up there pro?

your pal

Blogger Chaybo said...
Funny story craig....dude, do you have a line on steel toed Puma's ? If so you better put me down for a pair too....uh, well you better make that two pair, cuz i know Uncle Randy would be bummed if he was left out.

Blogger Wolfman said...
wait a minute...i was fixin' one of those flats at the trail head from your drunk ass not being able to ride a straight line, knuckles. kirk was merely keepin ya bizzee and when i was done fixin, ya was laid out and smellin of dog poo!!

you had nuthin to bring to the table when kirk was rubbin your face in the poo, i was not wasting my time on your skinny little wrenchin ass!!