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Friday, October 7
sandhills day 7
halsey to ord. most of the morning was spent riding in a thick fog, so we rode along the loop valley, but couldnt see it. highlights of the day had to be the crossing of the middle loop river and the dismall river. passed a very cool stone church south of ord, it looked very cool. sorry, not much else, i was ready for some time off of the bike and i cant remember much of the last day. oh, passed comstock, how could i forget about that. 7 days, over 600 miles and over 46 hours of saddle time. alot of great views, home cooked meals and numerous animal sightings. the people were great, so nice my right arm was tired from waving. never once worried about my bike or gear, locks were not used on this one. next year i want to do this again, but i am thinking about panniers vs the bob. sorry no pics yet, no home computer and the photo's are being put on a disc. thanks for reading.
Blogger J.R.A. said...

The question is would you do it again? If so what would you change?

Any way glad you are back safe and had a good time.


Blogger htop said...
i would do this again. i havent stopped telling people how great it was. i wont deny that it was by far the toughest thing i have ever done, but you know, it was damn rewarding. taking a trip in around the sandhills by bike was amazing. like one guy said,"life is an adventure, and you guys are living it". i think i would not pull the bob trailer, but use panniers. the distances each day were also a kicker, but there were no places to stay in some of the smaller towns(neveen-pop.13). it would have been nice to have some extra time to check out some of the towns, but we were getting up early and called it a night by 9ish each night. the weather was great, no rain, but you cant control the wind and that was blowing mostly nw or sw all trip. maybe change the directions since we did this in the fall.