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Thursday, October 6
sandhills day 6
hyannis to halsey, 6.5 hours. headed out of hyannis in a hurry after some plumbing problems at the hyannis hotel(1898). alot of very cool marshes and lakes leaving heading east. crossed the middle loop river and followed it the rest of the day, which meant we were closer to home. i stopped in the forest in halsey and rode the 3 mile climb up to the lookout tower. i wanted to climb the tower, but it was locked and my legs were pretty tired by then. if i would have fallen off, they just would have chalked it up as some skinny, lycra guy offing himself. i bet the view was great, maybe next year. got to see the biggest turkey i've ever seen during my little detour into the forest. spent the night in halsey and couldnt get my chicken fried steak dinner until the game was over, "kitchen's not open until the game is over". the wait was worth it. one more day to go.