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Wednesday, October 5
sandhills day 5
started in the "foothills" outside of chadron, a nice pine smell in the air and a cool start. had a couple of 5mph climbs to warm us up heading out of the park. stopped in alliance at martins for a 10oz hamburger and fries for lunch. had to make the detour to carhenge and take some pics of the "art". i thought carhenge was very cool and could have spent more time there, but we still had to get to hyannis. made it to hyannis after 8.25 hours of riding and 123 miles later. i had the start of a bonk coming on and made a bad shift and ran the derailuer into the spokes, first casualty of the trip. stayed at the hyannis hotel, built in 1898. my longest day ever on a bike, let alone pulling a bob trailer. good scenery today, pine trees, hills, grasslands, crops, lakes, back to sandhills. tomorrow would include a stop at halsey.
Blogger mw said...
that's beautiful up there, i think. and carhenge is way cooler then you might think at first. it seems corny. but that wears off fast and the place is pretty interesting.