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Tuesday, October 4
sandhills day 4
gordon to chadron. this was going to be our shortest day so we decided to sleep in. 10 hours of sleep, a good breakfast and light winds made this the easiest day of our "vacation". stopped at the elevator in crookston and learned about top soil, sub soil, lack of moisture and that sunflowers will be the new poor man's money crop(you heard it here first). we should have weighed in at the elevator, but the guy working it was talking our ears off and after a 1/2 hour we wanted to get going again. stopped at hays springs and had lunch with this ol' man who makes stretched out trikes with spare bikes. he went home and brought back his photo album and showed us his pics. this guy was pretty much harmless and was full of crap, alot of stories, twists and turns with him, to many to list here, i will tell you in person. got to chadron early and enjoyed the downtown area, walked around the campus and just generally enjoyed our first "big city" of the trip. we decided to bag it early and headed back to the motel, the next day would be chadron to hyannis, mapquest that one.