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Monday, October 3
sandhills day 3
valentine to gordon. we didnt get to hitchhike, but we tried to hitch a ride with a road crew from north dakota, but no luck. if you know what the winds were like on this day and the temps, you might have tried to get a ride also. since we couldnt get a ride we decided to leave valentine before sunrise to get an early start. at 12 mph, you didnt cover alot of ground, so it was slow going. stopped for lunch at the sand cafe in merriman. dave says, "my legs are feeling shaky" and his gait doesnt look normal. i just started to laugh (what the hell can you do) and headed into the cafe. i had a 3 egg omelete, hash browns, 4 pieces of toast and a coke. i must have been tired, because i pinballed into a couple of tables of people and had to apologize to them, explaining what our journey had been so far. we must have looked like crap, because we were offered rides from a couple of people at the cafe. only 4 more hours, "no thanks, we're almost to gordon". well, 8 hours total ride time and we were in gordon. best motel of the trip at gordon, basically a one bedroom, open floor plan house for 50 bucks!!!. ate some italian food(yep, in gordon), drank a couple of sam adams and fell asleep by 10. day 4 would be a short trip to chadron. sorry i couldnt update on the road, but no internet chances after valentine.
Anonymous ordite said...
sweet bloggin dude. When you got tired, couldn't you just catch a limo to the bling bling? Oh wait, wrong trip.

Seriously, keep the posts coming. You guys had an epic trip. After pedaling the Bob around my yard for 10 seconds, I still can't see how you did that for 700 miles. I feel lucky that you picked my place to start/end. It made me feel a part of it even though I was workin all week.


Blogger debaser said...
uh, 700 miles?


Blogger redstone said...
Right on htop! That's some pretty hardcore ridin'.

Blogger htop said...
not sure what the exact mileage was, to be honest, i really didnt want to know. it was alot, trust me. over 46 hours of saddle time in 7 days.