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Thursday, September 22
a good time on 2 wheels
just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend. there is alot going on, poker run, rac'n, beer ride(i think this is happening almost every weekend now) and some peeps head'n to vegas. i will be rac'n and then heading on a week long trip around the sandhills, north from ord, then west to chadron, back, southeast to ord. anyone who wants to go can show up around 8am in ord, pull your trailer, pitch a tent or get a room. thanks to nate for the fork and rick hunter for building it. thanks to tyler and sam for putting the ol' green croll into shape again. thanks go out to bdiddy for the use of the bob. have a good time all, pick me up some socks, autographs and buisness cards.
Blogger mw said...
best of luck. have a good time. wish i was there for sure...

Blogger 3p0 said...
Good luck Htop.

have fun,

any your right, we'll be doing the night time beer rides every weekend now, (probably.)

Anonymous ordite said...
you better have some tissues ready for me when you pull out on your ride and I have to pull out to go to work on Monday. Damn.

I am glad you are coming out though. Very cool

Blogger htop said...
sorry that i forgot. thanks to james for letting us stay at his place in ord on sunday night and letting us set up our "home base" there