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Tuesday, September 27
day 1 and 2 of the sandhills bob trailer tour
first of all, chris charmicael(sp?)dont have crap on training. pull your 401b bob trailer around the sandhills into a 20 mile headwind. i think ive lost 5 pounds and gained 2 inches on my thighs. day 1 was ord to atkinson, alot of hills followed by miles of flat valleys. wrestled with bob for the first 20 miles. i am starting to get a feel for bob and his movements and except for his weight, i am enjoying him(kindof). almost 6 hours of saddle time. day 2, atkinson to valentine. almost entirely flat except for the last 15 miles into valentine(very beautiful). stopped in stuart, bassett(the attendent says, "only 65 miles to go), someone kill me. had a good lunch at the "depot" in ainsworth and after 8 hours of saddle time made it to valentine. had to switch to double shorts today. tommorow i will try a car sponge inside of the double shorts, nuff said about that one. had a great meal at jordan's in valentine, a quick shout out to the first "hottie" of the trip, ya, i fell in love with another waitress. word has it that there is not alot of towns between here and chadron and the wind is supposed to be howling, might have to hitchhike with a cattle truck. i think a pair of husker tickets could get us there, if it come to a last ditch thing. sorry, no pics yet, just stories. ps, does anyone know anything about the huge grey grasshoppers out here?. the hoppers almost dare you to try and run them over. diffinetely a ding in the rim or a pinch flat if ya try it. until my next computer.
Anonymous ordite said...

(sorry you have to cut and paste it in)

Picture of htops ride. Thanks to Chaybo (from htop). Meant to post it earlier.

Thanks to htop for keeping us posted. I check it every day. It is pretty cool, I think about you guys out there.

Blogger debaser said...
That's some bike riding I don't have much experience with but would love to check out. Go find that waitress already!