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Saturday, August 20

Where the hell is everyone? Posted by Picasa
Blogger Wolfman said...
closed down hitchcock with the boyz! great racing and riding with everyone and thank "John" it's over!!(inside joke)

the course was in great shape, the climbs were not as bad as i had been expecting! temps were fabulous with a slight breeze off of the valley to cool us! what a blast!!

ended the day with a torential down pour, chasing down Nate's lost hat in the rain, in the ditch...Nate you rock, thanks again!...great food and conversation!

4 weeks...Indian Caves!!

Blogger scott showen said...
man did i ever have to pee, look at the mess i left on the parking lot

Blogger 3p0 said...
Congrats guys. sorry I couldn't be there.

Blogger mw said...
i had to bail. i had a fried egg sandwich and a nap with my name on it at the in-laws house.

good job wolf. i'll be chasing you down again at caves!!!

Blogger Wolfman said...
Showen, dude!, just let 'er rip!!!

Wolves don't get chased, they do the chassin'!!!!

Blogger Wolfman said...
i forgot, great job MW. you were right on my ass!...single speed...u fkrs are nutz!!

Blogger mw said...
yeah. where the hell are the pics of me you greedy m.f.s!!!