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Monday, August 1
spent the weekend around oneill nb and did alot of riding. friday-south on hwy 11 out of atkinson, towards burwell. alot of rollers, round haybails and alot of smiles. saturday-west on hwy 20 from oneill to basset and back, took little tours of the small towns along the way, by far the coolest was stuart. stuart has a dirt race track that was banked and so small, i went back later in my jeep and did a couple of laps(no shit), no fences in the turns either. the track sits right on the north side of town if you ever want to see some really old school small town racing (sunday nights). sunday-left atkinson and headed north on hwy 11, to butte then did a lap on hwy 12, to 281, to 18, back to 11. yep, went into south dakota. this one was tough as there was not alot of towns or people up there. ran out of water at the 4 hour mark, you know when food is hard to eat and you just want to lay down and take a nap!!. i waved down this truck and got assurance from them that butte was the place to get water and that hwy 11 back south to butte wasnt to far down the road. did i mention that i saw a road sign that said burke (i knew i would be ok, as i have spent many adventure on the road with this guy) i made it to butte and stopped at a grocery store called the "shortstop", cvo, does this ring a bell. somehow these referrences to home made more at ease and the ride back south on hwy 11 was a good one. the views of the brush creek valley and niobrara valley were incredible. 6hours of saddle time on sunday, 5.5 on saturday, 3 on friday. great roads, courteous drivers, friendly peeps and alot of quiet time with my bike. sunday was a tough one and i dug into the well and will take days to recover. something really freaky happened climbing out of the brush creek valley. i heard what sounded like kids playing at this abandonded house, no cars, no driveways, just the sound of kids running and playing. let me remind you that i was alone and earlier ran out of water.
Blogger bdiddy said...
Nice job exploring Hitop!


Blogger debaser said...
Checking out new places is always good. Solo rides are good. Your own pace, breaks, hallucinations...

Blogger Chaybo said...
my ol' man lives and grew up in Bassett. I've got lots of family up in dim parts. O'neil, bassett, name it there's probably a devall living there.

hell all you would have had to do is hit any one of those small town bars and you probably could have met one or two.

Good roads up there. Sounds like you had a damn good time schmidty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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