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Saturday, August 6

Team MWC out in force at Ponca! Posted by Picasa
Blogger Wolfman said...
team MWC was in full force at Ponca's revenge today. great course this year, gets better every year, great job to all the racers.

super fast, down-swoopy switch backs that lead you to some great climbing. damn that was fun!!

Blogger mw said...
where the hell was bdiddy???

Blogger mg said...
i'll second that (both comments above). bdiddy, where were ya'?

it was painful, but dang, the course layout rocked this year!

great work to lefler, jp and whoever else helped determine that course!

Blogger 3p0 said...
congrats guys sounds like you had a purdy good time up there this weekend.

Blogger bdiddy said...
uhhh? I'm lame!

Blogger mw said...
i had the best mexican food two weekends in a row.