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Saturday, August 6

MW...1st in sport single speed! Posted by Picasa
Blogger Wolfman said...
the MAN MW takes first in the sport single speed! "He's a maniac, maniac!!"

Blogger mw said...
who's bike. man that's a beauty. and a fine color too.

Blogger redstone said...
Great job, MW!

Blogger mg said...
i never doubted ya' buddy! nice ride saturday mw!


Blogger mw said...
thanks guys. it was a good race. i went into the singletrack in 3rd, went past woodman and troy eventually. i had to stay in front of billy from soiux city and i was never really sure if i could hold him off till the end. but i did! it came down to the last climb.

i loved the course. it was set up very different from previous years and was more SS friendly.