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Saturday, August 13
couldnt sleep saturday morning and woke up at 5am. looked a day full of rain, so i packed the jeep and headed west and wasnt going to stop until i found dry roads. made it as far as aurora and thats where i was going to set up my camp. i want to blame sam and my uncle for fueling my fire to ride different parts of nebraska. you see about a month ago sam handed me over a nebraska gazetteer and i couldnt stop looking at it. just last weekend my uncle let me borrow his(fool, he may never get it back. the cat went crazy in the dried up mint leaves and tore the shit out of everything, even the gazetteer). i took hwy 14 north through central city to hwy 92, east to osceola, south on 81 through stromburg, then a pit stop. after the pit stop i took hwy 66 west. state time trail road for sure, great surfaces, good views. i set the bar and currently hold the hwy 66 to central city jersey. anyone care to step up?. look me up and i will give you my time. back to central city to check out don's bike shop. ol' boy in his one piece overalls says," thats one of them rac'n bikes huh?'. i let him check out the bike, picked it up, no test rides though. he says, "you from lincoln?". "ya, it looked like rain, so i headed up here". i was hoping to hit the rare schwinn or something at don's. just a springer front end, don said he had alot of that stuff 40 years ago. 40 years, a bike shop in central city?. then i headed back to base, south on hwy 14 to aurora. 4.5 hours. good day, damn gazetteer.
Blogger Wolfman said...
couldn't help but ride in the rain this morning. got out with PC,MW,DK,JP,DS for about 65 of spit and giggles. sprinkled on us purdy much the whole ride, but it beats the heat. made it out 27th north past ceresco. back to ceresco over to 98th to the dietrich trail. great gravel roads. after seeing redstones ride it sounds lame for me to say, but it was a hilly ride. probably the hilliest i've been on...'round here! where was the 'ringleader'

Blogger debaser said...
That's sweet. I love tooling around somewhere new. Wasn't that Corvette time trial thing somewhere out there this weekend?