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Monday, July 25
just wanted to wish everyone a great upcoming weekend on two wheels. i am heading up to oneill to do some riding in northern nebraska and to do some recon mission for a possible ride across the state in the fall. some of you are heading to laramie,wy and others are heading up to ponca via gravel roads(damn, this one sounds epic). i cant wait to hear the stories and see the photos. good luck everyone.
Blogger debaser said...
Who else is going to Laramie?

And what's that crazy Ponca idear?

Blogger mw said...
i blame kirk for this one. not really but right after we did that ride from here to indian cave, we thought how amazing (and stupid) it would be to ride to ponca. so this weekend (coming up) is the plan. here to ponca on gravel and dirt. straight north. thru 2 reservations.

we'll have lots of pictures of hagard bikers and dirt roads.

Blogger mw said...
kirk is going to figure the route this week. and gps that muther.

who all is going:
rick m?