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Blogger Wolfman said...
started the weekend off with a slice of pizza at Yia Yia's and a concert at the Rococo. John Doe opened for Lucinda Williams.

Doe has been in the music bizz for about 30 years. he was a punk rock icon and co-founded X with Exene Cervenka in the late 70's. you might know him better in the movies "Boogie Nights" and "The Good Girl". very cool music if you have a chance to check him out.

Lucinda was awesome as usual and her band, "The Love Band" was absolutely solid. very good.

the funny story here is if you can pick out the two girls to the right during John Doe, they are without their other, a "bit on the heavy side", friend who happens to be in the bathroom puking her guts out from chugging Budweiser and shots. this i found out from Sue. anyhew, as she is in there ralphing, Doe is on stage singing a song called "The Bathroom". kinda dark and dreary song about suicide by pills in the bathroom. my wife and i found it very humorous watching the reaction of the two girls, like, oh my god! how did he know?!! yes, she did return to party! had to be there!!

happy fourth to everyone, be safe, and remember to drink plenty of "Fluids", it's hot!!

Anonymous John said...
Stupid France, I already missed their independence day. I guess i'll have to celebrate by my self.

Blogger bigmech said...
I wish that I would have known about that show. I have jammed to the X for a long time.