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Saturday, June 4

Sat. morn ride-Wilbur via gravel-90 miles! Posted by Hello
Blogger Wolfman said...
left from PC's around 720am with MW, John R, and B Kelley heading to the bike trail to pick up Kevin B. went down to Wilbur on nuttin' but nice, damp, "velcro" type gravel. i was trying to show the cleanup we are going to have after the ride with the pic.
with some miscommunication, the group split up leaving me with PC and KB to chew me up and spit me out the back. thanx again for the wheel back to Lincoln. headed up thru Hallam and viewed some reconstuction and destruction, over thru Sprague to 77 where we hooked back up with MW. we all got back at noon. ya!!, grusome pace. now it's off to KB's to do some drywall patchwork and hopefully score some cold ones!

Blogger debaser said...
It's been raining since before I got up this morning. There's a WINTER weather advisory, supposed to have snowed down to 7500 feet (which means that most of the goodness from last weekend should be seeing snow again!)

Blogger Wolfman said...
seen some pics on the weather channel of Boulder. sounds like you guys have had some mad rains and now snow since we left. crazy!

Blogger mw said...
that was just weird that you guys caught me. i figured you'd head further east then 77. i would of stayed with if i wasn't feeling the pressure to get home. we went and got some thai food once i got home and i'm still hungry as a mug. more food soon. i even got a nap and cleaned my s-craft.


Blogger Wolfman said...
i'm up for tommorow with a slower cadence!! give me or kirkdog a ring and see wazzup, we'll be 'packin' hubs and quenching our thirst tonight! i hear ya' man, i cannot stop eating!