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Friday, June 3

MG on the Stinky! Posted by Hello
Blogger Wolfman said...
Happy Friday!! to everyone. I thought this would be an appropriate pic for the day. I did some maintanence on the Flux last night and she gots some war wounds! Starting to look like a mountain bike and not a 4" Nebraskee gravel road bike!! COOL! Was planning on Platte early Sat. morn but rain could 'dampen' plans. Anyone else have a ride planned or ideas?

Blogger mw said...
i know there will be an early morning gravel ride from pc's. i'll vote for early early since it'll please the wife.

that's a whole lot of bike in the air with mg on board! hot dogger!

Blogger Chaybo said...
holy shiiiit'll get yourself a hernia doing those types of stunts on a bike like that.

nice picture weirwolf !

Blogger debaser said...
Wow. Perfect timing on that picture!Too bad we didn't get another of him sliding into home head first....

Blogger mg said...
LOL!!! jeezus ganzel. you gotta' warn me before you tell jokes like that. i just about blew coffee out my damn nose!

... and to think that homebase was just another five seconds or so beyond that photo. i wish wolfman would've gotten a pic of that. you give to get, i guess. it's all good.

i love ridin' bikes! and as far as that goes, i don't have any specific plans for the weekend's rides yet. i do have plans saturday morning until about noon, so i'm gonna' have to ride in the afternoon saturday. there's a 70 percent chance of rain tonight, and i've been thinking that the road bike might be the way... everything is gonna' be muddy as fizzuck after last night's gully washer -- even gravel, i bet.

that's all i know today. happy friday! thanks for the awesome pic wolfman!!! you're The MAN! the only reason there isn't a pic of you airin' it out was because someone had to be runnin' the camera! i saw you ripping it up out there though!


Anonymous posthole said...

we need to get a helmet cam on whoever rides behind you. one of these days there will be some footage worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos.

Stay dry and ride hard this weekend.

Blogger mg said...
hey wolf -- pretty please, will you e-mail the full-size version of this shot to me at

i love ya' brother!

Blogger Wolfman said...
consider it done.