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Sunday, May 22
first, i have to start out that i am completely shelled after my race in iowa yesterday. 55 miles in under 2.5 hours in 35 mph winds. raced like a crit, go from the gun, gutter from the start, the pain meter was in the red the entire time. i woke up in a fuzz on sunday. i had my morning pancakes and coffee and headed out the door. i was not having the best of ride until i ran into the guy pulling a trailer just outside of seward. i pedaled with him and found out he was riding from florida to north platte to look for work on a ranch. this guy was riding a walmart mtb bike and pulling a loaded down burley type trailer. he said that he thought that he was pulling around 100lbs!!. his bike had to weigh around 30lbs. did i mention he had an austrailian cattle dog in a basket behind his seat. he was 42 days into his journey from florida and was gonna camp out in seward for the day. wow, i was completely amazed that i rode the rest of the way to seward with him. as we got into seward, eldon wished me good luck, told me to be safe and gave a great god bless you. we both shook hands and he was off to try to get some rest at the church of christ. it amazed me that this guy was pulling his fe to north platte nebraska to look for work. he never asked me for anything, just some free conversation. eldon's hand shake told me that he was a good guy and i found his bike and put a 5 spot under his bungy cord on his front cooler. so, eldon will be taking hwy 34 to grand island and the hwy 30 to north platte. anyone know anyone along the way?. anyone in north platte?. good luck, may the wind be at your back.
Blogger bdiddy said...
Good story hightop!