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Sunday, May 8

Heading out to the Mopac and up to Platte and back. MW providing security for our ride today. I don't think we will be having any problems with motorist today! 10 of us rode out to say congrats to Carp and probably get in the last ride with him for a while. Great riding with everyone and congrats to the two newest D.D.S.' we have now ( would someone help me with names, i am very bad at that). What a ride!! Posted by Hello
Blogger Chaybo said...
wills...what in the hell are you carrying on your bag ?

Blogger mw said...
i was on a quest to find a long handled grass sickle. i struck out. so i had to make one. it worked pretty good.

Blogger redstone said...
Nice shots Wolfman. Looks like a fun ride. A beatdown for sure.

Blogger mg said...
that was a good ride there fellers!

i'm just glad noone actually got cut by that massive tool mw was packin'.


Blogger mw said...
what if we would have collided in a freak mopac pileup?

Blogger mg said...
it woulda' been bloody!!