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Thursday, April 28

Lake Como, southside I believe?, right after the moose sighting and just before the big rock to the right (kinda out of the pic) wanted some of my DNA. ouch! Posted by Hello
Blogger mw said...

Blogger Chaybo said... did get a little beat up on that spill. You still feeling sore ?

Blogger Wolfman said...
no! it's the other "spill" i am still a bit sore from. here's a "tip o' the day", when descending down the moutain at high speeds, that is not the appropriate time to 'taste test' the plant life! i was just glad i didn't have to get hauled out as we had some riding left to do and i was jazzed with the descending that was left. true test of your 'salty balls' there mister!! and i think i would have missed the elk sighting. what a blast!!

Blogger bigmech said...
Wolfman's spill was crazy! I still can't believe he was lucky enough to hit dirt and not rocks. On one of the downhills my top speed was over 36 mph. Not a good time to play superman.