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Wednesday, April 27
well, this is your last chance to have your significant other hit on. your last chance to attend a party where bad 70's and 80's music will be played in its entireity. flash adams is moving to florida on may 16th. party this saturday, possibly at his home (just off the buffalo trail at sw15th). possbily catered by davinci's and keg provided. bring your bikes and lights, he lives real close to wilderness. more details to follow.
Blogger htop said...
byob, starts around 7pm.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
who is Flash Adams?

Blogger htop said...
turn right at the cut out to the neighboorhood headed north off of the buffalo trail, just past the tracks and before the new brick building. head north 3 blocks. on your left, corner house. look for the tracker with bullet holes in it.