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Saturday, March 26

thanks for the ride fellas. bdiddy, mw ,daverill, mg, and hightop. we took a break at B.O.lake but hightop had to do some intervals while we drank 'Pimp Juice' and ate morning doughnuts. how was the pimp juice? Posted by Hello
Blogger bdiddy said...
1/2 of a thumb on the "pimpjuice" Tasted like watermelon koolaid. Need a shot of E & J brandy or something.

Purdy darn good ride considering that we had to stick to the pavement. It was nice having a special guest. While riding with daverill i kept thinking of tue thurs rides through sprauge back in the day when he would go for the town sign sprint and win it then fall back and while everyone would be rolling through town he would catch everybody slippin and counter. Nice having you along for the ride or it was nice being along for the ride in my case i'll have everyone know you didn't drop anything.

I sure hope the girls had fun in vegas last weekend because i sure paid the price for not riding much last week!

mg broke a spoke early on in the ride. He was such a trooper that he put in over 50 on his eccentric wheel. He turn back towards home at 14th and raymond road. I thought about turning in with him legs were getting pretty twangy at that point.

Thanks for the ride everyone. i still have a big smile!

Blogger mw said...
great ride for sure. i'm worked.

Blogger htop said...
good ride for sure. it was great to see dave arrive and then on the trek 660!!. the same bike i met him on many years ago. that skiing must be treating that guy right, he was cruising. i was done when i got home and the rest of the night. i think i passed out by 9.

Blogger mg said...
yeah, that was a great ride guys. that rear wheel of mine is toast though! i've been stringing that thing along for a while now, so it's just time to buck up and buld myself a new rear wheel.

bdiddy, i wish you were gonna' be in fruita with us... it's just not gonna' be the same without you... but we'll deal with it. :-}


Anonymous Anonymous said...
whoa, I've never seen Davril in his wookie garb....