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Sunday, March 13
Stone Cold Lampin'

went thru wilderness with the crew yesterday; bdiddy, magic, and bigmech. wilderness is perfect right now and extremely fast. thanks to bigmech for the snack crackers he shared with me and the hot cocoa we also enjoyed while we sat back and watched didddy and magic change three flats between them. diddy ran out of battery power filming the first tire change with magic and i don't know what the hell took diddy so long on his tire change. maybe it was because he was cold or thinking about those aqua socks he saw earlier. he sure seems to like them and i think he is steering towards a pair. they did look comfortable. i did learn a few new hand positions with the tire pumps and i think the pump is the real reason for the lenghty change as they were using the simple single chamber stroke pumps when i actually use the double, more efficient, pump. twice the air, twice as fast. all in all it was a great ride and good pace. i think towards the end of the ride some were thinking they should have dressed down a bit. magic seemed to think the attire for the day should have been more like my ensamble, the basic swimsuit. they headed up to platte today for 3 hrs. interesting to hear how the trails were up there. i had to work today as i am looking at a nice pair of new handle bar grips for the jamis xc! later
Blogger debaser said...
So... Not to get off topic or anything, but how's the new ride?

Blogger Wolfman said...
the new ride is waiting for me to pick up the end of april. i'm so excited i cannot tinkle without hitting the ceiling!!!!!!!!!